Delivering fine high quality, artisan-made headwear with a sustainable impact and sharing our unique lifestyle with every hat carefully handcrafted for you. We believe in genuine craftsmanship, premium material, local production, and ethical behavior. The sourcing of exclusive materials and the accompanying artisanal handcrafted manufacturing of our hats builds the bedrock of NTHIRTYTHREE.

Founded in the south of Germany, with focus on creating a symbioses of refined classic elegance and progressive spirit. Aligned with the indispensability of sustainably handmade pieces. NTHIRTYTHREE steadily in motion, never ceasing, with its everlasting companion, the touch of luck from the number 33.

Niklas Beer Founder of NTHIRTYTHREE, artisan-made headwear premium brand, dedicates in handcrafting timeless and sustainable hats.

"Hats have always been an extraordinary artwork to me. A hat is a unique and timeless fashion accessory with a rich heritage that enhances every outfit and radiates pleasure of life. These values have driven me to create my own story and design the perfect hat that genuinely suits everyone." 

 The most beautiful way to wear a hat? 
 - With Confidence.

Niklas Beer
We are exclusively handcrafting fine high-quality headwear, made with love in our small family-owned manufactory in the heart of Italy. 

Inspired by simplicity of natural color shades. Our iconic, minimalistic and contemporary design, combined with the finest, locally-sourced materials and an utmost comfort are made to last. 

We believe in genuine craftsmanship, local production, and ethical behavior. 

NTHIRTYTHREE Artisan-Made Fedora Hat Manufactory Made in Italy
Besides our mission is to make iconic, artisanal headwear we are using the power of business to give terminally ill children a smile. For every handcrafted NTHIRTYTHREE hat purchased, we support terminally ill children and their families at the Tigerauge children hospice foundation in Erlangen. 

Our hats are more than just headwear - they are an expression of pure pleasure of life.